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KRTG Enterprises, Inc. is a privately held holding company whose wholly-owned subsidiary companies operate in the industries of (but not limited to): Advertisement, Media, Professional Services, Travel, and Entertainment. Founded in 2012 with the vision to provide quality services and to build futures with each of its subsidiary business models.

Building Futures

Subsidiary Companies

A list of KRTG Enterprises, Inc. wholly owned subsidiary companies and their services. 




Advertising and Media

Tax Preparation Services


Travel Group

Travel Services

Hangover Lifestyle Black Logo (Transpare

Entertainment, Merchandise, and Promotions

Entertainment, Event Coordination, and Promotions.

Photography, Videography, and Entertainment

Management Consulting

Music, Photography, and Videography production studio

Recording, Production, and Distribution of music




Entertainment, Merchandise, and Promotions

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Gamble Studios

Music recording, Mixing, Mastering, and music Production, Photography, Videography Studio

MTLW Management

Management Consulting (Entertainment Industry)

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