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KRTG Enterprises, Inc. offers several opportunities available through our subsidiary companies.  We hire both entry level and experienced employees and sub-contractors with no exerperience (but a strong will and drive to learn and work) to diverse professional and educational resumes.  From an internship, to commission-based positions, to a divisional company executive, KRTG Enterprises, Inc. may have an opportunity for you.

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​·Creative Team Members 

 Our creative members are a part of a group that heads the creative ideas of the company who work directly with the marketing   team. They establish the visual identity of the company, it’s projects, and lead its creative output.

​·Graphic Artist/Designers

 Our graphic artist/designers create visual concepts for logos, designs for our website, advertisements, etc. in respects to the           identity, personality, and branding of the company.

·Marketing Team Members

 Our marketing team members work directly with the creative team and are responsible for the company’s marketing activities   and oversees the ideas and development of creative marketing strategies.

·Photographers (if necessary - equipment provided by the Company for use)

 Our photographers have an artistic eye to capture images that will be used in promotions, advertisements, etc. in respects to the   identity, personality, and branding of the company.

·Promotional Team Members (I am BGamble, Hangover Lifestyle, Forever Young Nation)

     o Brand Ambassadors

        Our brand ambassador(s) is a man or a woman who will help create a positive public opinion of the company. They drive demand for the product, service, concept, and brand of the company. Being well informed about the company is required because they are the go-to person when it comes to consumer questions about the company. They will promote the company locally and/or may be asked to travel with the company. Being charismatic with personality is incredibly important because they will interact with several people about the company. Their job is to inform audiences what the overall representation of the company is. A Brand Ambassador will also take on roles, in large or small part, as a Spokes Model, Promotional Model/Brand Rep, and Street/Internet Team Member. 


     o Spokes Models

        Our spokes model(s) is a man or woman who is the face of the company. They bring awareness to the company through modeling, videos, etc. for advertisement. They are to reinforce the branding and identity of the company and are familiarly informed with the company. They will attend parties and other public relations events in order for audiences to put a face and voice to the company. A spokes model will also take on roles, in large or small part, as Promotional Model/Brand Rep, and Street/Internet Team Member. 


     o Promotional Models/Brand Reps

        Our promotional model(s) is a man or woman who appears in a certain fashion in order to generate the desired brand association in the consumer’s mind to increase consumer demand for business activities of the company through photography, videos, etc. Their main goal is to increase company awareness. They provide basic information about the company. They capture the people’s attention, draw them in, and have them focus on the company. A promotional model will also take on the role, in large or small part, as Street/Internet Team Member. 


     o Street/Internet Team Members

        Our street/internet team member is a man or a woman who's main goal is to increase company awareness through various promotional methods from the ground level of streets to social media platforms. Their job is to push promotions for company’s advertisements, events, and brands, etc. independently and with planned group company marketing ideas. They provide basic information about the company and may also be used to gather information for the company to utilize at a further time.  ​ 


·Recruiters (I am BGamble, Hangover Lifestyle, Forever Young Nation)

 Our recruiters network through social media, various events, and social gatherings to find other individuals to become a part of     our company in various positions such as: Brand Ambassadors, Promotional Team Members, etc.​


·Sales Team Members

 Our sales team members are responsible for sales activities through internet/social promotions and event vendor activities. They   have a positive attitude and have an understanding with sales in respects to the identity, personality, and branding of the   company.

·Screenplay Writers

 Our screenplay writers are ones with a creative imagination to help aid the creative and marketing teams with ideas, scripts, etc.   for promotional videos and advertisements.


·Sound Engineers (Gamble Studios - 196 Records)

Our sound engineers are responsible for editing, mixing and mastering the tracks so they present the best performance consistent with an artist's vision.

·Tax Preparers (Taxes Simple)

Our tax preparers are individuals who prepare, calculate, and file income tax returns on behalf of individuals and businesses.

·Videographers (if necessary - equipment provided by the Company for use)

 Our videographers have an artistic eye to help create concepts through videos with our creative and marketing teams that will   be used for promotions, advertisements, etc. in respects to the identity, personality, and branding of the company.


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